Brexit is the term used to refer to the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) and is a shortened version of British Exit. On June 23, 2016, the UK decided to officially sever ties with the EU. This monumental decision came as the result of a referendum or public vote of nearly all citizens of voting age in which more than 30 million people voted.



Today we are learning about politics in America. At the moment the American Congress is under shout down by the president. He is demanding to build a wall. Here are some questions I will answer.

  • What is the story behind the wall?

The story behind the wall starts with Trump. He said under his campaign, that if he won the election he would build a wall across the border to Mexico to prevent illegal immigrants to cross the border to the USA.

  • Why is it so important?

The wall is important because it will prevent Mexicans to illegally travel into the USA. It will also prevent fewer drugs to come into the USA.

  • What is a government shutdown? Is this the first time this happens?

A government shutdown occurs when Congress fails to pass sufficient appropriation bills or continuing resolutions to fund federal government operations and agencies, or when the President refuses to sign into law such bills or resolutions.

It’s literally a “government shutdown”. 

And this is not the first time a government shutdown has happened. However, its the longest shutdown ever.

  • Are there any similarities to the building a wall along the Mexican border and Brexit?

The similarities between building a wall along the Mexican border and Brexit are Britain is leaving EU, and the USA are leaving Mexico. Both are getting more independent.

  • Who are affected by this shutdown?

The people who are affected by the shutdown is the American citizens and workers, especially they who don’t get paid because of the shutdown.

  • What does the “Buck stops with me” mean.

If you say ‘The buck stops here‘ or ‘The buck stops with me’, you mean that you have to take responsibility for something and will not try to pass the responsibility on to someone else.

Is it Brave to suffer in silence

To be suffering in someway is normal in today’s society, to feel sad or helpless. However, it’s important you don’t hold this to yourself, but either tell someone about it and open your self and let people in instead of keeping them out. You can tell your parents, teachers or friends, and maybe they can help you in some way.  It’s not brave to suffer in silence, it’s cowardly.

We have just read a short story by Hemingway called “A day’s wait“. The story is about a nine-year-old boy from Germany who thought he would die of a fever. However, he had 102 fever in faitheists but he thought it was 102 degrees Celsius. The short story is in a way about how he suffers in silence, how he refused to tell anybody about his “soon death”.


The Lost Generation

The Lost Generation is a concept who took place after the first world war. It describes a feeling across young men who have lost their youth because of the war. It says the generation who was born between 1883 to 1900 are the once who suffered the most to this concept.

An influential style

Hemingway and other Lost Generation writers, including F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sherwood Anderson expressed their ideas in writing styles that were new and different. Hemingway’s writing style, particularly his method of writing dialogue, has influenced many other writers. He is one of the most often imitated writers of the 1900s

Fact becomes fiction

Like much of Hemingway’s writing, “A Day’s Wait” is based on actual events in Hemingway’s life. While Hemingway was living in France, his son came down with a high fever and reacted similarly to the boy in the story you will read.



What is a good citizen

In class today we got a task where we had to choose 2 picture of what a good citizen is.

We choose to pick these two pictures and thinks they are perfect examples of what a good citizen is;  working hard and paying taxes,  Campaigning/raising awareness: Leonardo DiCaprio on climate changes.

Skjermbilde 2018-11-12 kl. 10.02.21.png

Why these two are important factors for being a good citizen,

First, by working hard and paying taxes you help the sosaties to go around. Without paying taxes the will be no health care, and the county would probably fall. If you work hard at your job you can manage to accomplish a great thing in your area, for example, technology, where you can bring the sosatie forward

Second, campaigning/raising awareness, by doing this you can not just help your own country, but also the world. DiCaprio has done a lot of important work for raising awareness of climate changes. He is a big influencer and probably reaches to a lot of people, it can be an important factor for the future of the world.

To sum up, to be a great citizen you have to behave and be a part of society, and do somthing.



Spare Parts

We have just watched the movie Spare Parts. It’s an emotional movie about some students in the USA participating in an underwater robots competition.

What surprised me the most was that the movie was based on a true story. When I was watching the movie I was sure it was a made up story, however, because it was a true story it made it even better.

In the movie, the main characters had not a lot of money to build the robot. So they needed to improvise on a lot of things. However, the other colleges had a large budget and didn’t struggle with the financial part. Because the main chapters were poor, they had antoer problem to think about, not just how to get money but also how to compete with the more expensive once.

Robots can be useful in many areas and are already used in many factories. But another place robots can be useful is in the home, they can clean, to simple taskees for you and even buy groceries.



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My reading of “about a boy”

I have finished my book, and here is my double entry journal.


I think that the theme of About a Boy is to accept the things that you have to live with on your own age. I would say that for Marcus that would be that he must not worry so much about his mother. He is a child and he is supposed to live like any other child. For Will, it would be that he must stop to act like a child and start to grow up and be the adult he’s supposed to be.

The book is also about development. And how Marcus and will finds themselves.

Example of how Marcus has developed from being a mommy boy to a more independent person; page 307:

“Hey, Fiona. Why don’t you get your sheet music out, and we can murder Both Sides Now?” 

“Would you like to?”

“Yeah. Sure.” But he was watching Marcus, whose expression was that of a boy who had been asked to dance naked before a mixed audience o supermodels and cousins.

“Please, Mum. Don`t”

“don’t be silly, You love singing. you love Joni Mitchell.”

“I don’t. not anymore. I bloody hate Joni Mitchell.”

Will knew then, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Marcus would be OK.

You can see here how Marcus denied his mother and started to choose his own path.


The novel takes place in the years around 1994 in London. Most of the action takes place at Marcus home, at school, and in Wills home.

Page 3:

“And he didn’t know. His mum was sad, he knew that– she cried a lot now, more than she did before they moved to london— but he had no idea whether that was anything to do with boyfriend”


About a boy is told from two different points of view. The first point of view is through Marcus, a 12-year-old boy who is considered to be ‘uncool’ by other children, and who lives with his mother, Fiona. Marcus has a lot of responsibilities for a young boy since his mum suffers from depression and often finds it difficult to cope with life.

The second point of view is Will. A 36-year-old single man who considers himself to be ‘cool’. Will is independently wealthy, because his father wrote a famous Christmas song years ago, and Will receives a lot of money in royalties. Will has no responsibilities – in fact, he runs away at the first sign of commitment or responsibility. While his friends are marrying and having children, Will continues to live like a teenager and feels sorry for his friends because he thinks that they have lost their freedom.

Character development

The characters are developing throughout the book. At the beginning of the book, Will is not involved with others. His relationships don’t last very long and he feels it is unnecessary to care about others. When Will meets Marcus his view upon his isolation (which he saw as the best way of living) is changed. He let Marcus become a part of his life and therefore it is too late to retreat. Thanks to Marcus he meets new people and he falls in love. He opens his heart for Rachel and realizes he cannot live without other people around him.

Then there is Marcus. At the beginning of the story, Marcus is a shy, insecure boy with a deranged mother. He wears outdated clothes and does not fit in with the popular kids at his school. However, Will helps him to become more modern by, for example, buying brand new trainers. You could say that the blank, outdated Marcus becomes more modern and cool during the book. But not only his clothing undergoes a magnificent change. With regards to his new wardrobe, Marcus gets many new friends and does not feel insecure anymore. His fear of his mother committing suicide while he is not paying attention is disappearing because he realizes now that he is not alone. After all, Marcus has his friends and Will to look after him and his mother.


Has your own childhood affected the book?

what else has inspired det book?

What is your favorite character?

Would you read another book by the author?

How does the main character change through the book?

There are many topics, what is your favorite and the most important one?

You are an expert on literature, what do you think about the books?

To the expert, do you have any questions to authors?

Is it a turning point in the book?

If a class should read the book, why would exactly your book be the one to read?

Can you compare the books? expert



Climate Change

Climate change is causing even larger and ever deadlier hurricanes and cyclones, and the areas around the Gulf of Mexico are especially endangered. With the recent Hurricane Florence and the Hurricane in Puerto Rico last year.

However it is alarming, the way the U.S government manipulates the death tolls to seem less dramatic, and they try their best to hide the numbers altogether. For example, if the death toll is 1,100 they would say “several hundred” instead of “over one thousand”. Another example would be if the death toll was 24 they could say that the Hurricane had claimed a few lives.

The truth is, that the Emergency Services are not fit to handle hurricanes, and they are unable to help everyone who needs it. During the hurricane in Puerto Rico last year the death toll was 2 975, even though the Puerto Rican government originally claimed the death toll was 64.

President Donald. J. Trump claimed that the U.S Emergency Services did a “fantastic” job, handling the hurricane, despite the fact that nearly 3000 were dead. He also said they were much better than during hurricane Katrina in 2005, which had a death toll of 1,200.

In conclusion, it is clear that they are trying to cover up the mistakes and limitations of the emergency services, which could be a real problem if a truly massive hurricane hits the unprepared emergency services.

Written by Daniel and Elias.

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