Discussion in class

In today’s lesson, we learned about conversation and discussing. We got a task where we had to discuss a theme with a partner, I chose to have an argument with my friend Mekkel about VAR (video assistance referee) in the premier league. I was against VAR, and Mekkel was for.

We had to make a video, where we discussed this topic and send it to our teacher Ann. It ended with a draw, Mekkel and I saw that there was a lot of great argument for both sides.

My book choice

Today, we got a task where we had to pick one of two novels to read. We could choose between, “About a boy” by Nick Hornby and “The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian” by Sherman Alexia. First, we had to do some research on the two books, then chose one of them.

I chose to read “About a boy” by Nick Hornby, this is because I thought it seemed very interesting, so now I am going to read the first chapters of the book.

Bilderesultat for about a boy book

My first impressions were that the book had an easy vocabulary and not to heavy to read. The author has done a very good job when it comes to describing persons, and how they behave. Looking forward to reading more!